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About Us

Our Heritage

Cincinnati Baila! Dance Academy was created as a need of parents that found themselves raising children of a Latino heritage in the USA. While the children are fully immersed in the American culture and language, we also strive to expose them to Hispanic traditions and feel proud of them as well.

Cincinnati Baila! was founded in 2010 by Sandra Vazquez and Raquel Guillen. Born and raised in Mexico where they studied Bailes Regionales Mexicanos.

Our Mission

To expose our community  to the splendid variety of Hispanic dances, music, traditions and culture, and so they can feel proud of the Hispanic Heritage.

Live Performances

In Cincinnati Baila! we believe in, through dance, giving children skills that will serve them for life.  We achieve this through live performances in front of friends and family and, after reaching a high level of performance, in iconic multicultural events as Cincy Cinco, Arts Wave Sampler, Taste of Mason among fantastic events they have participated,

Our Courses

Attire for classes: Folkloric lessons require Josefina shoes and training skirt on top of leotard. FLamenco lessons rrequire Josefina shoes, training shoes and castanets on top of leotard. Salsa and Jazz lessons require salsa shoes (nude) and workout clothes.

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Cincinnati Baila Dance Academy

11124 Luschek Drive, Cincinnati, Ohio 45242, United States


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